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James Herbert OBE

James Herbert

London born James John Herbert, OBE (b. 8 April 1943) was a best-selling English horror writer who also designed his own book covers and publicity. Very well known particularly for his early works such as 'The Rats' in '74, 'The Fog' in '75, 'The Survivor' in '76 and 'The Fluke' in '77, his books have sold more than 54 million copies worldwide to-date, translated into many languages.

James followed 'The Rats' with 'The Lair' in '79 and a third book in the series, 'The Domain' a few years later in '84, before a one-off graphic novel 'comic' sequel, 'The City' in '93. In a similar vain to 'The Fog', James wrote yet another best-seller 'The Dark' in 1980. Following his final novel, 'Ash' in 2012, James Herbert died at his home in Sussex on 20 March 2013 shortly before his 70th birthday.